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Introducing MoneyGram

  • Blue Copper Capital is happy to introduce MoneyGram, our latest financial service
  • Now available in our British Columbia and Alberta offices.
  • Send money quick and safe to anyone- anywhere MoneyGram services are offered.
  • Low transfer fees, convenient pick up locations.

Come visit us in store for more details.

Private Payday Loans

Using a payday loans company to help to pay your bills is not uncommon these days. You may have a few questions, like how much interest is charged on the loan and what time frame for repayment? Call today and we’ll talk about what’s best for you. We have the right solution to help you through a temporary cash flow if that’s an issue right now, so call or contact us about the details.

If you are strapped for cash right now and stressed about the rent, we can help. Unexpected car repairs, medical needs, or just a little extra money for a gift is the reason we exist. If you have a job, a bank account and photo ID, you can expect support from us. Credit checks are not required though some conditions do apply. Call for details.

Stuck in a vicious circle of borrowing and paying off debts? We would like to help you overcome that problem and offer advice and/or loan consolidation to help you out of an unfortunate financial cycle. Check out this excellent financial guide Government financial guide.

Short Term Cash

Our business is to lend money and have helped many good people restore financial stability by providing payday loans on short notice. We thrive on relationships, and though you may only need one small payday loan, we will always be there to help you. Budgeting can be tricky, and that is another area where we can help. Like any skill, handling personal cash flow can be accomplished once you know the basics.

Emergency Money

Almost everyone has needed a little cash now and then for an emergency. All we need is proof of employment to help you work out a suitable repayment plan and sort out those immediate needs.

Our services are available in the following areas. Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam and Port Moody

About Blue Copper Capital Corporation

Founded in Alberta during the summer of 2006, Blue Copper Capital Corporation started as a small loans company dealing with friends and associates. Today it is a diverse financial company specializing in loans for individuals that range from $100 – $30,000.00. Our success is based on personal attention, coupled with open minded lending at reasonable rates.


Vancouver Office

1850 Commercial Drive
Vancouver BC
V5N 4A5
(778) 874-9564


Please Note:
Payday loans are subject to minimum net pay and other qualifications. Maximum charges permitted in British Columbia for a payday loan is $17 per $100 (17% of principal); We charge $17 (17%). For a $300 loan for 14 days: Total cost of borrowing $51.00. Annual percentage = 477.31% This information meets the requirements of the Payday Loans Regulation under the Fair Trading Act. License #58891.

Payday loans

Blue Copper Capital… Payday loans at reasonable rates. Consumer Protection information